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Employment Date Services

Appointment letters

Once you have made your selection of you who want to employ you need to draft an employment letter, this letter should be pleasant and optimistic but should also obtain disclaimers. These ensure that employees know ahead f time that employment is not guaranteed for a certain period of time and that the job is subject to change. Salary information is normally included for the shorted possible period and the most important requirements of the job is included, as well as any additional benefits that you might offer the new employee.

Drafting of employment contracts

An employment contract is a contract between an employer and employee and stipulates the terms of employment. The employment contract also regulates leave, working hours, deductions, pay slips and termination.

Statutory registrations and submissions

All employers are required by law to be registered as employers and to register their employees at the relevant authorities. They are also required to deduct tax and other contributions from their salaries and pay it over to the relevant government departments.

Assisting with terms of employment

We can also then assist with the setting up of the terms of employment, such as leave, working hours, statutory and voluntary deductions, pay slips and termination procedures.