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Apply for Value Added Tax (VAT)

Register for VAT the quick and easy way!

Follow the steps below for a hassle free VAT application process!

(Updated July 2021!)

vat application

In order for us to assist you to do the application for Value Added Tax you will require the following:


vat application

Once we file the application SARS normally issues a letter (which we will forward to you) informing that they want to do a verification, you then need make an online appointment with SARS for an interview.  Once you have the date for the interview then ensure the supporting documents are uploaded and you are available at the arranged time and then a SARS official will do the interview with you. During the process they will do a risks assessment, if your risk is high then the application will be selected for a sight inspection. If this is the case a SARS official will contact you to make arrangements to come and inspect your offices, if he is satisfied then they will complete the application process and issue you with a VAT number

For the interview you need to upload the following documents for SARS

Please take note that we only do the application via e filing, we cannot do the interview  and other verifications on your behalf, as SARS want to do a physical verification of the company and the representative vendor!

To search for a VAT registration number click here,from the website of the South African Revenue Services.

To do the search you would need the following.

1. VAT registration number

2. The trading name of the business.

Two reasons why you might need to verify a VAT registration number

1. Once you register for VAT you can confirm if the number is correct

2. If a supplier gives you a VAT invoice you can confirm that the VAT number exist and that it is correct.

It is important to issue tax invoices correctly and also to make sure that your suppliers issue a tax invoice to you correctly.

The checklist for VAT invoices can be downloaded here!

The VAT registration process changed on 12 October 2015 - you can now register for VAT even if your turnover haven't reached

R 50000 within the first year of the company being registered. To download the SARS guide for VAT registrations click here!

Also refer to the SARS website for any updates on the process.

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